Oryx CAMMELLO Semi-Trailer Fuel Tanker 26,000L to 76,000L


Chassis & Shell

  • Structure : Hot-rolled beams St-37.2 with welded ladder-type cross-members
  • Axles & Suspension : Mechanical Cantilever Bogie/VB leaf spring type/Air Suspension (2x14T/3x12T/3x16T)
  • Brakes : Two-line air brakes, automatic load sensing valve, and ABS/EBS
  • Rims : 5’’/20’’disc rims
  • Tires : Size 315/80R22.5’’ or 385/65R22.5 or 12.00R20  Prime Brand  
  • King Pin : 2’’ or 3.5” fixed on sliding plate
  • Landing Gear : A400 type, 2-speed mechanical, one side operation, and suitable base plates
  • Shell : Double-D section, made of mild steel St-37.2 / 5 mm welded on 5 mm bed sheet. Baffle plates made of 5mm steel with reinforcement
  • Catwalk : Made of positive grip gratings steel on both sides along the manholes on top of a tanker with 1m height foldable handrail on both side of the tanker

Tank Equipments: Gaskets are fuel approved (VITTON or BUNA-N)

  • Manhole : Ø500mm steel bolted manhole with pressure relief valve, vapour recovery, and sensor
  • Bottom Emergency Valve : 3’’or 4’’ pneumatically operated bottom emergency valve.
  • Discharge : Aluminium API valve 3’’or 4’’ with a lever, sight glass, dust cap & suitable Hoses with Camlock couplings
  • Vapour recovery System : Including 3’’ pneumatic vapour return valve, vapour recovery adapter with pneumatic interlock, sight glass, and cap. Rubber hose with plain coupling (for Bottom Loading)
  • Overfill Sensor : 10’’ length probe optic system, 5-wire with optic socket (for Bottom Loading)
  • Function Cabinet : Located at the right-hand side and suitable to protect all API valves. Pneumatically operated security bar. Pneumatic control unit for compartments  
  • Hose cabinet : Metallic hose stowage box, two nos. 3.5m long each with a lock on both sides of the tank for 4’’ hoses
  • Dipstick : For each compartment(as per Oman Oil/regional Specification) 
  • TIM Module (On-demand)
  • Product indicator on all compartments
  • Safety pneumatic line with an Emergency stop on the side of discharge cabinet and on the rear left of the tanker.
  • Two earthling lugs with Earthling Reel (reel on demand)

Blasting & Painting

Grit blasted to SA2.5, one coat of Epoxy primer followed by two coats of polyurethane


Electrical System (ADR compliant)

  • 24-volts Double- sleeved cabling in rigid tubes
  • 7-pin female socket (ISO 1185) S & N-type
  • Rear Combination lamp
  • Side lamps on each side
  • Reverse buzzer
  • LED Flash Stop lamp



  • Metallic Mudguards with rubber flaps
  • Heavy-duty rear bumper
  • Spare tyre bracket for two tyres
  • Access Ladder at rear
  • Two-wheel wedges with carriers
  • Plastic  water tank & Tool Box without tools
  • Two fire extinguisher box with cylinder 12KG
  • Retractable lateral protection on both sides