Oryx PACKMAN Truck-Mounted Garbage Compactor 6-25cbm



Manufactured by reinforced high tensile steel sheet 2mm thick for sides 4mm at rear and roof, a floor made of 6mm thick high-tensile steel sheet.


Rear Tailgate

  • On side-mounted rail system design to prevent garbage stocking. Smooth and fast operation.
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.6-2.5 m3
  • Hopper floor made from 6mm thick high tensile steel sheet. Sides 4mm.
  • Sweeping panel activated by two cylinders for garbage collection.
  • Packing cycle is triggered when the packing panel pushes the compressed waste into the body.
  • Automatic loading and compacting cycles are performed by the single “Push Button” operation (cycle time approx. 30 seconds).
  • Compacted waste discharge by lifting the tailgate via 2 hydraulic cylinders (discharge time approx. 30 to 45 seconds)
  • Special rubber seal assures water tightness  between  tailgate  and  body
  • Tailgate suitable to handle 1100-Liters size bin container
  • Foldable steps at rear sides for smooth operation with handles at both sides of the tailgate


A double-acting, hard chrome telescopic cylinder positioned inside the body and linked to the internal panel allowing complete discharge of the body and ensuring constant refuse compaction during loading by means of a drifting valve.


Hydraulic System

  • Front mounted control valve assures the operation of the ejector and  tailgate lifter, while  another control rear mounted valve controls the sweeping  and packing panels, as well  as the lifting bar
  • Over pressure safety valve.
  • Emergency stop button on both sides.
  • PTO- powered piston pump provides adequate hydraulic oil flow and pressure for the complete unit operation. PTO is operated from the cabin
  • Hydraulic oil tank including screened filler-breather cap, return filter and level indicator.

Blasting & Painting

Grit blasted to SA2.5, one coat of Epoxy primer followed by two coats of polyurethane


Electrical System

  • 24-volts Double- sleeved cabling in rigid tubes
  • 7-pin female socket (ISO 1185) S & N type
  • Rear Combination lamp
  • Side lamps on each side
  • Reverse buzzer
  • LED Flash Stop lamp



  • Metallic Mudguards with rubber flaps
  • Heavy duty rear bumper
  • Access Ladder at fort
  • Two wheel wedges with carriers
  • Plastic  water tank & Tool Box without tools
  • Fire extinguisher box with cylinder
  • Retractable lateral protection on both sides